Hytera Portable Radios

Hytera portable two-way radios, whether analog or digital, are a highly reliable way to stay communicated on site or on the field. Hytera has more than 20 models of portable radios that meet the requirements across scenarios. We also provide chargers for your units.


Hytera Mobile Radios

Our mobile radios keep your workers communicated with your base wherever they are on the field. With innovative design and rich features, Hytera radios are the ideal contemporary choice. We have models for various kinds of vehicles.


Hytera Repeaters and Base Stations

Hytera repeaters and base stations ensure cost-effective and flexible networking and are available for further expansion. They can provide analog and digital signaling to receive and broadcast communication from two-way radios in a larger coverage area.


Hytera Additional Products

Additional Hytera Products

We carry a number of additional products and accessories that work with your L3Harris two-way radios, like chargers, multi-chargers, vests, and more. These are only some samples. Contact us today for more information and help finding the ideal two-way radio for your needs.

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